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Azure Blob Manager

We are releasing the first version of AzureBlobManager, A tool that can be used to manage the blobs on windows azure blob storage.

A special feature that is not available in any other Blob Management Utility – Blob Search. Now we can search through blobs that are present in the Azure Blob Storage.

Some of the features in our current release:

- As mentioned earlier, search BLOB engine
- Granular control of the Upload of Blob
- Download a Blob or Group of Blobs
- Delete A Blob or Group of Blobs
- List Size of the Blob

The tool initially started as a User Interface for Azcopy but took the shape of the Blob Management Utility. The tool was developed over a period of 90 Days of Coding and Testing. The Idea was initially coined by Debarchan Sarkar, Sunil Kumar Chakrapani and Sudhir Rawat and Myself and the tool was tested by Karthik Krishnamurthy(KKB), Debarchan Sarkar, Sunil Kumar Chakrapani, Sudhir Rawat , Mukesh Kumar and I thank them all to put in their time and effort to bring out some very good bugs and add on a lot of user friendly features.

My heart felt gratitude to Zhiming Yuan and Nico Peelen, without whose inputs and encouragement we would not reach this milestone, they have provided inputs for this version and have set the foundation for the next version of the tool also.
I am glad that our efforts are in line with the product team – to propagate and encourage the use of Azcopy as the tool for Blob Management.

I also thank Gautam for being ever encouraging towards our efforts and always ensured that we got sufficient guidance in case we were out of ideas.

Additional information and discussions happen at our Facebook page: AzureBlobManager Facebook Page.

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